Feedly V2

I like Feedly, its a nice concept. I missed a few things though, and because I wanted to keep practicing my web design skills, I thought of a couple of things that I would change in Feedly.

For the one who don’t know what Feedly is: Feedly is a website where you can stay up to date about many different blog. And blogthe posts from many different blogs can be read in one single place.

For me it’s important though, that there’s a feeling you are educating yourself, and that you are reading professional contant. A feeling completely opposite to facebook, which is wasting your time in my opinion. So, a feeling of well spend time.

But how do you convey such feeling? I started with the typeface: a serif typeface fits this question better in my opinion. But because I wanted to give it a modern look as well. I choose for san-serif headings, and a serif body typeface.

The color scheme could be called ” a pretty looking newspaper.” Black and white with red and blue accents. This way it feels modern and attractive, and at the same time makes you feel like you are spending your time well with what you read.

Another thing I missed at Feedly was a reward system. I wish there was an overview where I could see what I read about most. In order to add that I created a profile with “skills”. Every blogpost is tagged with so called tags. If you read a lot of blogposts tagged with “UX design”, your profile will tell you that you are becoming quite skilled in that matter.

(This is a first version, screens will be updated throughout development)


I want to give the user a feeling of being up to date. When a blogpost is read it will be removed from the list. When all blogpost are read, a message will tell you “good job, you are up to date since….”. You can enter a date yourself. If you want to stay up to date since begin 2015, you can. Just be aware, a lot is posted on the internet since 2015, so a more recent date might be more suitable.
2 mockup


If you ever want to read blogposts by nighttime or when you are in a dark room, turning on “dark” mode, might be more pleasant for your eyes.