Eggy for Phillips Shanghai

In November me and 11 other students went to Shanghai to work for Phillips for a couple of days. The assignment was to create a concept and visuals for pregnant women in China. The first day we did intensive research and figured out a lot of differences between western and eastern pregnant women. On the third day we created the concept, and came up with an Egg and a bracelet. On the 4th day we worked 21 hours straight and finished the visuals just in time.

What is Eggy?

Our research has showed us that pregnant women in China don’t always know what is best for their baby when it comes down to food and drinks. Eggy and the bracelet show insight in this matter. When you drink wine for example, the bracelet becomes blue and starts to feel cold. The bracelet also projects a text on your hand with a message saying “Don’t drink wine mommy, that is bad for me”. But when you do take good care of your baby, the bracelet and the egg will feel warm and have an orange color. When you are at home you can touch the Eggy and feel the heartbeat of your baby, and be more connected with your baby then ever before. When you are at work, you have your bracelet.

Besides the lack of knowledge, the husband was very little involved during the pregnancy, caused by serval factors. The bracelet is also given to the husband, which enables the husband and wife to communicate to each other. This is especially important because the husband is not allowed to be present during the moment of birth. If the wife feels the baby kicking in her belly, the husband’s bracelet will vibrate, by adding this feature the husband is now more involved with the period of pregnancy.

After presenting this concept to Phillips, they wanted to order one themselfs, which was great feedback. Besides that they told us Eggy is possible to create with current technology, something we did not known and was very surprisingly to us.